Gold Panning

family_fun_top_1We’re happy to teach you the techniques of gold panning with gold guaranteed in every one of our paydirt buckets. We have a variety of sizes for sale. All buckets have gold! The bigger the bucket, the more gold and the the two larger sizes have nuggets.

$20, $50 and $100 paydirt buckets are available.

School/Group rate $10.00 per panner. Helpers such as chaperones, teachers and siblings are free.

family_fun_bottom_1How does gold panning work? Gold is much heavier than ordinary sand, nineteen times heavier than an equal amount of water, therefore it sinks to the bottom of the pan before the dirt settles. We will show you how to seperate the sand, rocks and dirt from the gold using the old time gold miner’s technique. With the right swirling motion gold will stay on the bottom while you wash away the dirt. When you see all your gold we’ll help you put it into a vial of water and seal it for you to take home. The children really get a kick out of learning how to pan for gold and getting to take it home.